The Wild Olive Shoot Community

Once, there was a church that received a vision from God. They dared to do what no other church at that time had done. They grew, and spread across the nation. They called themselves the Blaze Community.

But it absorbed teachings from other groups, both Christian and Pagan. The vision became polluted. Rather than examining itself, the Blaze Community became proud and arrogant, standing alone as the true church, against all opposition.

The Blaze died to an ember as people left, fleeing tyranny, judgement, and forced austerity. Humbly, the Blaze Community leaders sought God's forgiveness and direction.

Now the community received a new vision. One of grace, love, forgiveness, and mercy. Aware that it had been given another chance by God, it renamed itself the Wild Olive Shoot Community, with the knowledge that God could pluck them out of the Cultivated Olive (the universal church) if they ever again fell away from the path to which God had called them.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

More Than Air

Love. We need it more than air.
Love. Without it, why even breathe?
Love. Why is it so rare?
Love. Why is it so hard?
Love for parents
Love for partners
Love for children
Love for brothers and sisters
Love for friends
Love for strangers
Love for the lost
Love for the found
Love for the homeless
Love for the hungry
Love for the sick
Love for the outcast
Love respects
Love honours
Love supports
Love encourages
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is humble
Love is gentle
Love gives freely
Love forgives freely
Love lifts up
Love holds up
Love is not greedy
Love does not horde what others need
Love does not manipulate or play games
Love does not abuse or bully
Love does not cross to the other side
Love does not turn its back
Love does not block its ears
Love does not shut its eyes
Love. We need love
Love to live for
Love to die for
We need it more than air

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Here I stand, unconquered and unconquerable.
Earth-souled, spirit-born,
Water slain, Fire-anointed, Blood-bought.

Immortal in mortal frame.
Beloved son of All-Father.
Bearer of the Most Great Spirit.
Ambassador of the Eternal City,
(Beyond measure of science or vision of shaman).

I am lower than the least,
Yet I am a Royal Priest.

I am weak, but the All-Powerful One strengthens me.
I am foolish, but the All-Wise One guides me.
I am ignorant, but the All-Knowing One instructs me.
I am poor, but the All-Sufficient One provides for me.

He gives me the Words of Peace;
That still the violent,
That calm the anxious,
That strengthen the faltering.

He gives me the Words of Power;
That break the curse,
That banish the dark,
That turn back death.

He gives me the Words of Mercy;
That free from guilt,
That heal shame,
That restore hope.

He gives me the Words of Truth;
That reveal secrets,
That restore justice,
That destroy deception.

I am but one among millions,
From ages past to future unseen,
From furthest east to furthest west.

I offer my hand in brotherhood,
And call you to join All-Father's family,
By blood, and water, and spirit, and fire,
Through death to life without end.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

He That Rose to Heaven's Height

This is another Blaze Community protest song.

He that rose to Heaven's height
The throne of God to claim
Not content with Glory's light
Was cast to Earth in shame

He who in Eden's garden walked
In innocence and peace
Chose to be as God Himself
Won sin and death and disease

They who together in their pride
Built a tower to Heaven
The tower fell, the people scattered
And throughout the earth were driven

The King of Babylon surveyed
His domain, the gift of God
Boasted in his arrogance
So madness came upon him

Those that scorn the gift of Grace
Their own law they command
Imaginations of fleshly men
To what will they be condemned?

The psalmist proclaims 'Trust not in man,
For even the great will fail you.
Put your faith in God alone,
For only He can save you.'

We have one King, Judge and Lord
His is our culture, him we obey.
No other can demand our loyalty
No other can share His throne.

Dare we trust ourselves
With our brother's soul?
When we know we, full of sin
Can fall as easily as he?

The Spirit, our Teacher, Discipler, Guide
The One who truly knows our heart.
He is our Healer, our Unity, our Power.
What man thinks himself better?

Dare we judge where God has not judged?
Or say No when God says Yes?
Dare we obstruct the will of God
When it is against OUR ways?

Or do we in self-righteous pride
Think ourselves God's equal?
Is this the life for which Christ died?
The tyranny of the enemy?

Do we shut the world outside
But keep the flesh within?
Do temper, jealousy and greed abide
Where a spoonful of sugar is sin?

Better a vegetarian meal where love is
Than the fattened calf with hatred.
Better to live in Christ's Grace
Than under the yoke of the Pharisee.

Hate the world, we are told,
But what is it we should hate?
The spiritual man may do all things
He needs only the Spirit to guide.

Hate the world, we are told.
But what is it we should hate?
Rules and traditions of worldly men
That bring judgement and division.

Monday, 5 March 2012

We're the Leaders of BCA

Before the Blaze Community collapsed and was reborn as the Wild Olive Shoot Community, a number of songs circulated, protesting about the Blaze Community Administration (or BCA), the top leadership under Christopher Stoneham. This is one of them.

We're the leaders of BCA
We're the ones that you must obey
We'll decide what you believe
We'll decide how you should live
[And if you don't like it...]
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We're the leaders of BCA

We're the leaders of BCA 
Say you're with us all the way
But if you've the inclination
To choose another denomination
[Well, we are the only true church, so...]
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We're the leaders of BCA 

We're the leaders of BCA
Our meetings last ten hours a day
Every one you must attend
And you must stay right to the end
[You're ill? That's no excuse, so...]
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We're the leaders of BCA

We're the leaders of BCA
You can only marry if we say
If we don't, don't worry mate
You can be a celibate
[But if you fall in love...]
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We're the leaders of BCA 

We're the leaders of BCA
Our authority and power hold sway
We're not your servants, we're your masters
At Godly living we're disasters
[But, if you challenge us...]
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We'll cast you out (we'll cast you out)
We're the leaders of BCA

We're the leaders of BCA
And we shake our heads in sad dismay
We're feeling rather numb as
Our members drop in numbers
[Is it because...]
We cast them out (we cast them out)
We cast them out (we cast them out)
We're the leaders of BCA

But when we stand before the King
He'll say 'To me you pray and sing.
But you've gone down your own way
When it's ME you should obey."
[And then...]
He'll cast us out (He'll cast us out)
He'll cast us out (He'll cast us out)
We're the leaders of BCA 

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


As I wander through this land and see the faces of those I meet. Inquiring
Of their lives and loves and to hear their dreams. Inspiring
Me to seek again the high hills and low valleys. Exploring
The length and breadth and height and all the world adoring.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The High Wire

Friar James watched his novice, Simon, who was stomping and banging and clattering and showing all the signs of adolescent frustration.

"What troubles you, Simon?"

"I want to be free."

"And what is freedom?"

"Being able to do whatever I like. I'm tired of study, and chores, and lessons."

"Come with me, then."

Friar James took Simon to the Big Top of a circus, where he indicated the high wire act that was practising.

"Are they free?"

"Yes. Look how they twist and somersault."

"Do you see their practice harnesses?"


"Do you see the net below them?"


"That is why they can be free to perform on the high wire. If they slip, the harness protects them. If the harness breaks, the net protects them."

"But they don't use a harness when they perform in front of an audience."

"Nevertheless, what they can do without the harness is because they have practised with one. And there is still the net. So you see, when you yearn for freedom, remember that you cannot truly be free unless you recognise hazards and plan for them."

"But if those high wire performers wanted to avoid hazards, they would not be up there in the first place."

"A life worth living is full of hazards. To avoid them all, a person would have to avoid life. And that in itself is a hazard. To learn how to deal with hazards is to be confident and free of fear. So we must be willing to listen to those that have walked the path before us. What you perceive as limits to your freedom are the very things that make you free."

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Wall

I have seen you many times, Wall.
Monolithic, dark, and many storeys tall.
Made solid as granite by my fears
Of debt, doubt, disaster, and tears
But I know your secret after all these years

I used to hide, to fantasize
Dreams of dread that sleep denies
But though those fears had me so chained
Still I faced what was ordained
And dared confront what had me pained

That's when I found your secret, wall
For you are not an obstacle
At my approach you shrink and fade
At my touch you are unmade
And no longer am I so afraid